Party Trays

Tea sandwiches in Whole Wheat Bread Cream cheese, cucumber and herbs or Curried egg   (1 sandwich = 4 mini triangles) P 1400/12 (minimum of 6 per kind)
Veg Quiches
Mushroom and Spinach

Broccoli and Corn
P 150 x 12 (12 minimum)
P 150 x 12
Greek Spinach Filo Triangles
(Spanakopitas with spinach and feta cheese)
P 520/12 pieces
Veg Sushi
Cucumber, carrots & shiitake mushrooms with red rice
P 650/24 pieces
Crispy Veg Lumpia
Bean sprout, sweet potato & green beans
P 860/12 pieces
Crispy Veg Wontons
Fried dumplings with cabbage & carrots
P 527/24 pieces
Steamed Veg Dumplings P 734/24 pieces
Chickpea Hummus (add P 220 for bread) P 700/8-12 pax
Spinach Feta Croquettes with Mint Yoghurt Sauce & Harissa (chili sauce) P 1250/24 pieces
Baked Tofu-Walnut Mini Burgers
with Cheese
P 1035/10 pieces
P 1260/10 pieces
Corner Tree Starter Plate
a combination of Dukka and Chickpea Hummus with cubes of toasted whole wheat bread and veg sticks
P795/good for 5-8
Big Bowl of Chili (sin Carne) P 1485/8-10 pax
Spaghettini with Broccoli and Pine Nuts P 1495/ 8-10 pax
Veg Nut Roast (1 loaf) with Gravy P 1440/8 servings
Veg Nut Roast with Sides – Glazed Carrots, Grilled Green Beans, Mashed Potato & Gravy P 2320/8 servings
Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna tray P 3240
Veg Embutido Loaf with Gravy (NEW) P 985
Vegan Chocolate Cake P 1440/8 – 12 slices
Vegan Carrot Cake P 1440/8 – 12
Banoffee Pie P 1580/8 – 12
Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte P 1900/8 – 12
Chocolate Mousse with Dark Toblerone  P 1760/8- 12 servings 

* Some items (not in our regular menu) need a 2-day notice