Pinoy Dishes

Kare-Kareng Gulay – V, GF
A traditional Filipino stew made with garden fresh veggies and a zesty organic peanut sauce, served with organic red rice and vegetarian bagoong (!)
P 240
IMG_7809Adsilog (Adobong Tofu with Fried egg & Fried Rice
Cubes of tofu marinated in vinegar and soy sauce (adobo) drizzled with extra virgin olive oil with fried or scrambled egg & garlic fried rice
P 220
 Veg Sinigang
Vegetables simmered in a sour broth with miso served with organic red rice and vegetarian “patis”. 
P 230
Sotanghon SoupArroz Caldo – V, GF
A big bowl of Filipino rice porridge (like congee) with shiitake mushrooms topped with fried tofu, crispy garlic and spring onions.
P 170
Veg Laing with Organic Red RiceVeg Laing – V, GF
Taro leaves stewed in coconut milk served with organic red rice
P 205

V – VEGAN (no eggs, no dairy), VO – Vegan Option (please inform waiter), GF – Gluten-free