Fresh Fruit Salad
Seasonal fruits served with a lemon wedge
P 175
Caramelized Apple & Feta Salad
With garlic croutons and organic greens in an apple cider and honey dressing.
P 220 – Solo
P 410 – For Sharing
P 595 – Huge
IMG_2015CTC Raw Salad
An all-organic cornucopia of carrots, red beets & jicama, raw walnuts and greens.
P 190 – Solo
P 320 – For Sharing
P 495 – Huge
Mediterranean Salad
Organic tomatoes, cucumber and greens with black olives, capers and toasted almond slivers.
P 190 – Solo
P 320 – For sharing
P 495 – Huge
IMG_0107Quinoa Salad
With grilled asparagus, feta cheese, toasted sunflower seeds, a hint of paprika and a cool citrus dressing.
P 220 – Solo
P 410 –
P 595 –
Japanese Mixed Seaweed Salad
with a soy ginger dressing (we use Braggs Liquid Aminos)
P 190 – Solo
P 320 –
P 495 –

Dressing Choices: Lemon Dijon Vinaigrette (vegan) or Tahini Garlic Dressing (non-vegan)