Sweet Potato Fries w/Garlic Mayo P 150
Steamed Vegetables (broccoli, carrots & green beans) with a peanut sauce P 150
Green Organic House Salad with Lemon Dijon Dressing P 150
Whole Wheat Breadsticks (homemade) P 15/pc
Sourdough Bread (1 slice) P 30
Organic Red Rice P 45
Homemade Mayo (organic eggs) P 30
Fried Onions (10g for burger) P 25
Harissa (our homemade chili sauce) P 30
Gruyere Cheese or Cheddar P 45/slice
Grated Parmesan (10g) P 45
Cornbread P 30/piece
Fried Bananas P 25/3 slices
Organic Egg (fried, poached or scrambled) P 45