Specials for Oct. 9-15, 2012: The Diner

This week we have …

Onion Rings with a Parmesan Aioli
P 160
Minestrone al Pesto
A hearty soup made with a tomato broth, zucchini, potatoes, cabbage and red beans topped with a dollop of vegan pesto
P 105 – cup
P 180 – bowl
Sloppy Joe
Minced vegetables in a tomato sauce inside a whole wheat bun topped with fried onions, served with sweet potato fries and a side of organic greens. You can add a fried egg for P40.
P 290
Pinoy Dish
Veg Tinola (vegan)
A soup made with ginger, green papaya, sayote (chayote), malunggay leaves (moringa) and chili leaves, served with organic red rice
P 180

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