CornerTree Cafe


All sandwiches come with organic greens. To switch to sweet potato fries, add P 30.

Baked Tofu Walnut Burger- V)
A big veggie  burger in a whole wheat bun with mint yoghurt sauce or vegan mayo served with sweet potato fries or some greens. 
Extra toppings: P 80 – Gruyere cheese; P 55 – Australian Cheddar Cheese ;
P 25 – fried onions; P 45 – organic fried egg
P 375
Dilled Egg Salad Sandwich
Made with our homemade mayonnaise, this is our delicious version of an egg salad sandwich with chopped free range organic eggs, Dijon mustard, capers and dill with tomato slices and greens served on toasted ciabatta bread.
P 340
Roasted Asparagus PaninoGrilled Asparagus Panini
with Gruyere Cheese & pesto in grilled ciabatta bread.
P 440
The Vegan Panini – V
Carrots, greens, black olives and tomato slices  with hummus and a vegan pesto in toasted ciabatta bread.
P 345 
Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Fried Onions
Basic: Tasty White Cheddar with butter or a Cashew Nut Cheese (V) grilled in whole wheat bread.
P 260 (regular)
P 255 (vegan)
Chickpea Salad Sandwich – P 280  (NEW)
A new addition… a hearty vegan sandwich packed with protein, fiber and flavour. 
P 280 
Extra Toppings:
Vegan Pesto (Genovese)
Dijon Mustard (French)
Fried Onions
Add P 30

V – VEGAN (no eggs, no dairy), VO – Vegan Option (please inform waiter)