CornerTree Cafe



Corner Tree Starter Plate – V
An interesting combination of Dukka, a distinctly Egyptian snack made with a dry blend of seeds, spices & nuts. Earthy and fragrant, it is served with extra virgin olive oil & warm chunks of whole wheat bread and White Bean Hummus, a lemony white bean dip served “on the rocks” with sticks of cucumber, singkamas (jicama) and carrots. Good for sharing.
P 305.00
Dukka & Bread – P 145
Hummus & Veg Sticks – P195
Vegetable Dumplings  
5 dumplings (siomai) stuffed with shiitake mushrooms, spinach, carrots and singkamas (jicama) with a rice vinegar dipping sauce
P 205.00
Crispy Vegetable Lumpias (2 pieces of Filipino Veg Spring Rolls) – V
Bean sprouts, green beans and sweet potato and a garlicky coconut vinegar dipping sauce
P 170.00
Greek Spinach Filo Triangles (Spanakopitas)
A classic Greek appetizer. Light, crisp filo pastry filled with spinach and feta cheese with a mint yogurt sauce
P 205.00 (3 pieces)
P 385.00 (6 pieces)
Spinach Feta Croquettes
Tasty croquettes made with spinach, feta cheese and organic red rice, served with a mint organic yogurt sauce and our very own harissa on the side (optional for chili lovers)
P 220.00 (3 pieces)
P 390.00 (6 pieces)
Cauliflower Fritti
Breaded golden brown cauliflower fritters served with a Marinara (tomato) sauce
P 270
Sweet Potato Fries with Garlic Mayo (VO)

P 240
Old fashioned French Fries  with Garlic Mayo (VO)P 210

P 210

V – VEGAN (no eggs, no dairy)
EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil